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What is SkyCity?

SkyCity is a global megatropolis that brings together everyone across the globe: from individuals, friends and family to businesses, employees and customers. It is a place where anyone can interact with anybody. It is a place where a business can build contacts and accept employees. It is a place where individuals and businesses can personalize themselves knowing their identities are safe and secure.

What SkyCity Offers

Why become a Resident of SkyCity?

SkyCity offers a platform for businesses and people to interact. The freedom to share your profile or make it private is your choice. You only have to share information that you would like and deny/allow users to view your profile. The user is in control. You can create a free business or become an employee of a paid/verified business.

Why pay to upgrade from Resident to Civilian?

Besides being able to share what information you want and getting a discount? You can make your profile invisible, unsearchable. You have the ability to control who can find you; anybody, just Residents, just Civilians or a mix. No more ads, however you can display them for a reduction in your SkyCity user subscription. Imagine being able to save money if you support ads. Being a Civilian can carry more meaning when people look at your profile. A Civilian profile is harder to imitate then a Resident profile.

Why apply to become a Citizen?

You will get all freedoms and bonuses you receive from a Civilian. Add in a discounted subscription rate. What makes this special is a Citizen profile is one that has been verified by an actual person. A person that is certified by Sky Networks to review and submit your information. It is not automatic, or over the internet. In person interview to verify all correct information.

Why Join SkyCity?

By adopting a free, paid, and verified subscription model; Users Account and Business Accounts can build their own subscription to suit their needs. For instance, if you are tired of ads, the subscription service provides an advertisement-free environment. SkyCity gives business owners a one stop tool for their business, incorporating plug-ins , and simplifying interactions with other businesses stimulating the growth of their own business.

SkyCity User Accounts
Users can be one of three types:
  1. Resident - A free user account
  2. Civilian - A paid user account
  3. Citizen - A paid verified user account

Unlike most social/business platforms, you have very little control in what is shared with the parent company. Businesses like Facebook, Goggle and Twitter use your demographics for profit. They sell what they collect.

SkyCity is different. Information you share is utilized only by Sky Networks for SkyCity. It is used to help tailor your experience. How is the information collected is dependent on what type of user you become?

As a resident, you choose what information you want to share with us.

Should you upgrade to become a Civilian or even a Citizen, you have the same freedoms as a resident. This time you have an option no other platform offers you. The ability to get a discount to your SkyCity user fee. That is correct, the more information you share the more you save.

SkyCity and Credits

SkyCity utilizes its own currency. This currency is a SkyCity Credit or just Credit. Currently, 1 Credit is equal to 1 Canadian dollar. Users and businesses pay their SkyCity bills using a credit card. Credits can be used to pay SkyCity bills should one accumulate Credits. Credits can be earned through various programs as they are implemented. Such programs as a recruitment program. Only a Citizen and Civilian can earn Credits.

Privacy of SkyCity?

You and your information are not for sale. Information that you share is by your choice. If you want us to utilize your information to help personalize your experience, we will only use information you want us to use. The same will be applied to businesses that utilize our system. The only information they may collect is information that you allow them to. Our platform uses encryption and backs up your data constantly and securely, and you keep only the digital information that you want to keep. When you delete anything in SkyCity, it is gone for good. There is nothing stored in secret.

Code of Conduct

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

These words have been spoke throughout time and no words have been true to form. This quote is what our very basic rule of conduct.

As a user of this site you have the ability to control what others see or post, but once you share your thoughts and feelings, it may be seen by a large audience.

"Words are like bullets:
1. They cannot be recovered when fired
2. You cannot control the harm they inflict"

When you sign up with SkyCity you still have a level of anonymity. As a new user you are unknown to the general population. Remember there are no avatars to hide behind. You can remain as anonymous as you want. When you start sharing your thoughts and feelings on public broadcasts, you start to strip away at your anonymity. Sharing comments, especially public comments, will link your words with your profile. You can control what people see in your profile. On the flipside you cannot block others from viewing your profile should you make a comment on a public forum.

Golden Rule

Thou shall not post private/personal information of another member of SkyCity and create posts that exploit children.


Harassment and Bullying online is very serious. On certain platforms it is easy to create multiple false accounts and harass/bully another user. Users can create a Resident (free) account, however, users of SkyCity have the control. In the most basic form, any user type has the ability to deny individuals. One additional layer is the ability to deny access to whole groups.

For instance:
  • A Resident can deny all residents, anonymous comments (if applicable), individual users and any combination of those listed.
  • A Civilian can do everything a Resident can including denying other Civilians.
  • A Citizen is the same as a Civilian but able to block other Citizens.

If you think this gives Citizens the ability to look at everybody, that is wrong. Everybody has the ability to block individuals, groups, and businesses.

A user is unable to delete posts and this will create an evidence record. In the real world we have mechanisms in place to deal with various forms of harassment and bullying. Sky Networks will work hand in hand with law enforcement while maintaining the privacy of the user.