User Accounts

All memberships are initialized by signing up for a free account and becoming a Resident of SkyCity. As a Resident you have a dedicated work area, access to various plugins, the capacity to create a business, subscribe to other businesses, and become an employee; all with full control over your security and privacy.

If you choose to upgrade your account to a paid account, you then become a Civilian of SkyCity. As a Civilian you have all that a Residence including the ability to pay for advanced plugins, and subscribe to businesses that require a membership fee. Your work area is free of all advertising if you so choose, and you have the ability to make your profile completely invisible and unsearchable by SkyCity’s search engine.

The last tier is becoming a Citizen of SkyCity. This is a very special account because it is a verified account. When other individuals look at your profile, should you share it, they will know you are who you say you are.

Business Accounts

A free business account, the Proprietorship in SkyCity, is created by either a Resident, Civilian, or Citizen of SkyCity. This will allow you to create a business profile, utilize basic plugins, and create a business contact list.

From there the owners can choose if they want to upgrade to a paid business account, becoming a Company in SkyCity. You will have the same qualities as a free business account but now you will also be able to pay for advance plugins, bring in employees that can be delegated to different tasks you set up, be able to advertise on SkyCity billboard system, and finally set up a subscription service for users of SkyCity to subscribe to.

The highest tier is to become a Corporation in SkyCity. This is very much like a Citizen, it is a verified business operating in SkyCity. When people look up your business and see it as a Corporation they know you are 100% real.

Plug ins

These plugins are various tools that are designed by Sky Networks to be integrated with SkyCity to allow users and businesses to create their own experiences.

For Companies and Corporations.

Advertising Plugin: This plug in will allow a business to create an advertising profile, allow them to track clicks/impressions left, have advertising on their personal website, and subscribe to other businesses that utilize the same plug in.

Business Only

Advertising Plugin: This plug in will allow Businesses to create advertising profile, allow them to collect credits per click/impression, track clicks/impressions left, have advertising on their personal website, subscribe to other businesses that utilize the same technology.


Our billboard system is a series of ad placements throughout the workspace of a free user/business account. They are set sizes that are placed in various fixed locations. They are designed with local businesses in mind.


SkyCity utilizes cookies only when the user wants their browser to remember their username and password. All other information is maintained only during the current session on the server and everything is destroyed as soon as the user navigates away from the website.

Notifications and Spam

The user sets the permissions to allow SkyCity to send notifications via email to an outside email account, informing you there is unread email in your SkyCity account, or a system message.