Early Access

What is Early Access?
You get immediate access to SkyCity as a resident and have the ability to create a business. We are opening up SkyCity for users to see how the system and community evolves as you utilize the system. In turn, and by your choice, you can give feedback, and will receive development update revisions

How to get involved?
Sign up and register with SkyCity. The current system is very basic but to ensure we have a solid foundation one has to ensure everything is properly built before adding more products

What is the SkyCity like right now?
As we are in Early Access, you should consider how it currently operates. Very basic with a few features. If you see something that does not work properly, feel free to submit a report. There are a lot of ways a community can help develop the system over time.

How often is SkyCity updated?
Updates are spaced depending on the next step, should it be a quick bug fix or a major implementation.

When will SkyCity officially release?
Once there is a stable and fully functioning platform, SkyCity officially open.