SkyCity is always growing.  New blueprints are being designed that help build a stronger city:

 SkyCity Mega-Mall

 The Mega-Mall will allow various sellers from around the globe to sell their wares.  You will be able to categorize by Country/Province/State/City, show possible shipping costs, and search for that one elusive gift.

 SkyCity Newsroom

 Within the Newsroom plugin for both Business and User you can tailor the content for events you are concerned with.

 SkyCity Central Library

 Our Central Library will be a place of learning and sharing.  A repository that will allow people to get out their own works and share with the world. Your own self publication.  This will be a plugin for Business to bring forth the works of the User.


User Plugins

 Family - Paid

 This account plugin will allow a family member to add their spouse to their account for payments.  It also allows the two spouses to create accounts for their children under the age of 16.  These will also be paid, the price added to the primary account holder.  The parents have ultimate authority of the children accounts.  It is not a super user, it is more like higher admin.  Children cannot delete messages, send or accept friend request.  Everything is monitored and controlled by the parents.  When the child reaches 16-year birthday, the individual is given a link to sever the connection becoming an full account.  It can stay on the family plug in for payment purposes, the primary account holder can cancel payment if they wish and let the young adult pay for it.

 Budget - Free Version

 This free budget plugin will allow you to enter your financial information and allow you to plan your finances accordingly.

 Budge - Paid Version

 Same as free but now you can also plan ahead, extrapolate future finances, link your accountant/financial adviser, download financial information, receive tax information and payroll all in real time.

 Resume - Free Version

 Allow you to input and keep a resume and link it to potential employers upon request.

 Resume - Paid Version

 Auto filled as it is linked to other plug ins.  Allows you to link it to Businesses that have the recruitment plug in.

 Residence History - Free

 Keep track of all your past residences.

 Employment History - Free

 Keeps track of all your past employment.

 News Feed - Free

 Latest trending news


Plugins - Business - All Paid


 Able to accept people to subscribe to.  Either have free or paid users sign up.  Can also choose account level of user (resident, civilian, citizen)


 Can use subscription plug in. Able to put up surveys or votes.  System asks for permission to collect information but does not link the information collected to the surveyed.  Just takes the information.  Surveyed enters information or votes.  Information is captured and utilized by the surveyor. 


 Require Subscription Plugin.  Allows owner to control who is allowed to create and post various entries


 Allows owner to control who is allowed to leave comments on their products/services.  Up-vote and down-vote.  This would link with the Users profile feed.  Leave a comment, it is immediately linked to the originators feed.  Comment receives replies on the message, it sends it to the originators feed.


 Keeps track of all financial records, allows Businesses to add their bookkeeper permission to view and/or maintain the books.

 Tax and Payroll

 Requires Bookkeeping.  Allows the creation and distribution of tax receipts and payroll receipts to employees.  Can link to both bookkeeping and user financial plugins.


Allows the creation of new articles and dissemination of articles within SkyCity News.  Provides categories to allow users to tailor their viewing experience.


 Able to allow users to sign up for positions linking their resume plugin to specific jobs posted.

 Store Front

 Allow Business to create a store front and share it within the SkyCity mall.


 Allow Businesses to publish works into SkyCity library