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The following information is only the basic information fields for your business. There are more entries found in Settings.
These 5 fields are the phone numbers utilized by your business. You can choose the label you want in each field (max 10 characters), the phone number (max 20 characters) and the extension (max 10 characters. Some examples of labels would be "Landline", "Mobile" or using your cellular provider "SMART" or "Rogers". Please do not enter ( ), - or spaces; this will allow smart phones to be able to store your number easily.

Google Maps, Bing Maps and other online mapping services have some limitations. They might not be able to properly map your business location.

Our system offers an alternative by allowing you to choose how your business is mapped.

If you find your business not showing up in the proper location, you can turn on the Latitude and Longitude (Lat and Long) feature.  

This will not impact what address you provide.  Using Lat and Long will let online mapping tools that use our system, to use the Lat and Long instead of your listed address.

This system uses Decimal Degrees Coordinates

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Use Lat and Long instead of my listed address?
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